Seychelles with Viaggi Elite

The magical Seychelles is made up of 115 natural islands, which boast some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. The islands offer a plethora of water and land activities such as diving, fishing, sailing & cruising, golf, spa & wellness – all of which promise adventure and breath-taking natural beauty in unspoiled surroundings.

Highly recommended is ‘Island-hoping’ – travelling around the archipelago will allow you to appreciate how each island is distinctly different in character, and with a unique story to tell.

The flora & fauna, architecture, markets, cuisine and traditions all conspire to promise an extraordinarily entertaining yet relaxing break.

The choice of accommodation in Seychelles is very wide, from signature 5-star properties to the more rustic, charming smaller hotels, guesthouses and island lodges. There is something for every budget. Each offers its own special niche, whereby guests can enjoy the exceptional Creole hospitality.

Recommended hotels: 

  • Paradise Sun Hotel (Praslin Island)
  • Constance Ephelia Resort (Mahè Island)
  • Sainte Anne Resort & Spa (Sainte. Anne Island)
  • Eden Blue Hotel  (Eden Island)


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