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Mozambique is located in Southeastern Africa and bordering countries are Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The capital city of Mozambique, Maputo, was formerly called Lourenco Marques.

The climate is tropical to subtropical, with the Tropic of Capricorn running through the country (any region north of this line is regarded as tropical).

The remote islands of Mozambique present quaint historical villages and towns, and are surrounded by spectacular coral reefs packed with exotic marine life. The coastline is 2,470 km long and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Portuguese is the official language, but English is generally spoken in hotels and beach resorts.

The islands offers a veritable selection of magnificent resorts to suit every budget, and guaranteed to leave you with stunning memories of beautiful surroundings, friendly locals, mouth-watering cuisine and blinding white beaches.

Activities include:

  • Sun & beach. The beaches are still very secluded from tourists and travellers and are always attractive, not only for the view, but also for the warm balmy waters of the Indian Ocean which wash these shores.
  • Water based activities. Choose from scuba diving, snorkelling, saltwater fly fishing or big game fishing, or sail in a traditional Mozambican Dhow sailboat. Indulge in a beach picnic, and search for pansy shells with nothing but the crystal clear turquoise waters as company.
  • Land based activities. Experience the local culture, climb the dunes or take a walk and discover the local fauna and flora.
  • Sports & Adventure. Some resorts offer horse riding along the beach and island trails, with lots to explore. Golf is rapidly becoming a major sport, especially in the southern areas of Mozambique.

A beach break in Mozambique can be combined with a safari in the world famous Kruger National Park for a perfect African holiday.

Mozambique Visa Requirements:

  • All visitors, except South Africans and Malawians, require visas in order to travel to Mozambique. It is advisable to have your visa issued before you get to the entry border to avoid unnecessary complications or delays.
  • You can get single or multiple entry visas.
  • Please enquire about the latest information with your closest Mozambican Embassy, Consulate or High Commission office in your country of residence, before travelling.


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